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Katie from Orlando and Winter Park Food Tours

Katie Bean and Chef Kevin Fonzo from K Restaurant in College Park

On a recent interview, I was asked to tell my side of the “dinner table” and of how Orlando Foodie Tours came to be. So here I am, doing just that, and extending the invite to all of you to join me one day soon.

I am Katie Bean, founder of Orlando Foodie Tours, and longtime Orlando resident and cheerleader. (I’m also an advocate of delicious food and good conversation, hence how I found myself on this current journey to exploring all of the fine dining The City Beautiful has to offer).
I’ve always had a hard time deciding where I want to go and what I want to eat. All my life, it’s been a daily struggle for me, especially the older I’ve gotten as I know what I like now more than ever. One day I had a thought to create something similar to a pub-crawl, but for foodies – and not just any foodie nor just any typical crawl. I wanted this “foodie crawl” to be the ultimate experience with VIP treatment. Thus, Orlando Foodie Tours was born.

About Orlando Foodie Tours

Orlando Foodie Tours is not your average food tour. It isn’t just a stop off for a bite of cheese or a sip of wine or a taste of dessert before you’re onto the next place. With Orlando Foodie Tours, you’re getting a full experience at each of the three restaurants, accompanied by bartender and chef interaction. Think chef’s table experience – but not at just one location – it’s “on-the-road” with stops at THREE different incredible venues.

I think what really separates us the most from other food tours is that we focus on restaurants unique to Orlando, specifically those who also partner with local farms. We choose locations that are off the beaten path, many times chef owned, and in my humble opinion, offer the best food in town. Fresh seasonal ingredients are what our chefs pride themselves on (However, don’t fret – Asian and BBQ themed tours are coming soon!).

Orlando Food Tour

Our Restaurant Parters


What I’ve learned about myself (and others) is that we are all creatures of habit. Most of us venture to the same places because we know what we like and know what to expect when we get there. This food tour is great for locals because it breaks you out of your comfort zone and allows you to try three new restaurants without investing an entire evening to just one place. It’s also just really fun! For tourists, it’s an opportunity to see the REAL Orlando, not just the tourist side. You eat as a local, with a local. Orlando Foodie Tours takes the guesswork away and gives you three of Orlando’s best restaurants in one night. We even provide transportation to and from your resort.

Orlando Foodie Tours is also good for families – particularly our brunch food tour. From the finest doughnuts Orlando has to offer to the best pecan pancakes and crisp apple French toast, we’ve got you covered. It’s a day of mimosas for some parents while still providing entertainment for the kids. (Our evening tours are for adults 21+).

What to Expect

Our evening tour is comprised of 10-14 guests, stops at THREE of Orlando’s best restaurants (as chosen by a local – ME), 45 minutes at each stop, small plates of the Chef’s choosing, THREE alcoholic beverages, a private driver, a private host, and Chef and Bartender interaction. Conversations typically start with food but organically move to travel, lifestyle, dreams, goals and everything in between. New friendships are often made very quickly.

Drinks Food and Chef from Orlando Food Tour

Next week, I’m offering sound bites on some of my favorite things about Orlando. I can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, you should consider joining us on our Very Merry Signature Tour next Wednesday. Why not celebrate the season with family and friends or meet some new people who also share the love of food? Food Tours are great for holiday parties, large corporate groups and we are always eager to provide custom tours – they’re also a PERFECT gift this holiday season for the Foodie in your life that you just don’t know what to get. Please do drop us a line, give us a call, or chat with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, Cheers!